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Your Haven, Inc.

Your Haven, Inc.




People living with addiction often feel ashamed, weak or out of options. Sometimes, even shunned by the people they need most for support — their friends, families and loved ones.

Many, unable to make healthy choices, find themselves abused, homeless or incarcerated.

Recovery is possible, but it can be a long journey. Let us help you. We can give you the tools to make your journey easier though community support and experience.

If you’re living with addiction, it’s important to know that your community loves you, believes in you and wants you to get better.

Your Haven, Inc., is a nonprofit recovery community organization (RCO) committed to your long-term recovery from substance abuse. We rely on community support to make recovery programming and services available to everyone in Haralson County who needs it.

Your struggle with addiction is unique, and your recovery will be, too. You have trust to rebuild, relationships to mend and work to do. But the struggle is worth it and your recovery is a journey to celebrate.

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