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Haralson County Tax Commissioner

Haralson County Tax Commissioner




The Tax Commissioner is one of the four county officers established by the Constitution and is elected to serve four-year terms. The Tax Commissioner is responsible for the billing and collection of ad valorem taxes. These taxes include real property, personal property, motor vehicle tax, mobile home tax and timber tax.

Responsibilities include:

Preparation of the digest

Performing all functions relating to billing, collecting, disbursing, and accounting for ad valorem taxes collected in the county

Serving as an agent of the state revenue commissioner for the registration of motor vehicles and mobile homes

The tax commissioner and staff are dedicated to providing prompt, professional, and courteous service to the taxpayers of Haralson County

The Tax Commissioner’s Office is responsible for issuing vehicle tags, renewal of tag decals, application for titles for vehicles or mobile homes and the billing and collection of ad valorem (property) taxes. We issue mobile home decals and collect ad valorem taxes on mobile homes. Timber taxes are also billed and collected in the Tax Commissioners office.

This office also issues handicap placards. Each placard requires a notarized statement from a doctor attesting to the temporary or permanent disability. These forms are available in our office, or we will be glad to email/mail you one. Most doctors’ offices should have these forms on hand as well. There are several options, so please contact our office for details.

Property taxes are due Dec. 1 each year. Interest is added monthly at a rate determined by the prime interest rate. Penalties accrue each 120 days after the due date and is 5% per adjustment period, with a limitation of 20%.  In arriving at the amount of your property taxes, the Tax Commissioner takes the property value as determined by the board of assessors and applies the millage rate as determined by the board of commissioners and other leveling authorities (such as cities and schools). This equals the amount of tax you owe. The Tax Commissioner has no authority over the value or the millage rate.

Mobile home property taxes are due April 1 each year.

Tag renewals are due by the birthday of the titled owner of the vehicle. Renewals can be done not more than 60 days prior to the birthday. These can be done in person, online, at numerous Kroger locations or by mail. If done by mail, a $1 fee applies per renewal.

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