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Trillium Vineyard LLC

Trillium Vineyard LLC

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About Us

It's All in the Name
When Karen was a little girl, her great aunt would take her on wildflower hikes. They would walk woodlands, pastures, and roadsides in search of wildflowers. Auntee would identify each, and Karen was enthralled. Karen loved discovering the tiny Bluets or Quaker Ladies, the wild ginger that looked like little brown jugs, and seeing the ''ruby'' in the center of Queen Ann's Lace. But her favorite of all was the simple but majestic Trillium Grandiflora. Karen loved the symbolism of the Trinity found in the Trillium plant. There are three of everything: three leaves, three sepals, three petals. Bruce and Karen decided to name their vineyard Trillium in honor of the Trinity and as a symbol of their faith. Look closely at the logo, and you will see the trillium in the center of the grape cluster.

We had more pasture than the alpacas could eat. We wanted something more productive out of the pasture than having to cut the grass weekly. In an effort to be good stewards of the land we planted the vineyard in March 2013 with the help of about 100 friends and family. Having lovingly cared for the vines we harvested tons of grapes which are now being processed in the new farm winery. Once the wine is ready for bottling it will be released to our tasting room for you to enjoy.

The tasting room used to be the alpaca barn. We cut down the trees to make a parking lot and used the lumber to craft the interior and we added a deck for your use. Book a winery tour or event. Shop our unique gifts. Just enjoy relaxing on the back porch with your favorite wine.


Gallery Image Trillium_Logo.jpg
Layout the vineyard, till the ground and pound in the posts.
Auger the holes for the vines.
"Plant it this deep." Fritz Westover
Here come more vines.
Pack the dirt around the vine.
Gallery Image DSC08412.jpg
Prune the vine to 2 buds.
Karen and alpaca bring the the wine to celebrate planting.
Bruce removes the wine from the pannier.
The Cross Family.
Southdown Babydoll Sheep:  weedeaters/fertilizers
What you looking at!
Ready for harvest
Bridal Shower
Getting ready
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Gallery Image 18739935_10154915371488052_1220933705693910092_n.jpg
Gallery Image IMG_5474.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_6585.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_6075.JPG
Gallery Image DSC_7195.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_7523.JPG
Gallery Image IMG_7520.jpg
Going away
Tasting room flight

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Bruce Cross