GFWC Bremen Junior Woman's Club


Civic Organization

About Us

Civic Volunteers. Everyone knows the feeling you get when you have done something good for someone else. Yes, that feel good feeling, there is nothing else like it. As a volunteer club we are dedicated to community improvement and we hope to enhance the lives of others along the way and that is where we get the ''Feel Good'' feeling from. Volunteers are the roots of stronger communities and we take pride in improving our town for generations to come. While most of our projects are here in Haralson County, we also support endeavors in Carroll County, our neighbor to the south of us.

We have a diverse group of women in our Club ranging between the ages of twenty and sixty something. So, don’t let the word “junior” scare you away. The life of our organization depends on membership growth. We must go forward. It has been proven impossible to stand still. With that being said, one of our main goals this year is to add new members to our current roster of seventeen. Teamwork divides the task and doubles the success.